Friday, 15 June 2012

Recent work.

I still haven't had word back from the University about my studio space so I have been trying to create smaller works that I can do in the flat, although it's great being able to work at home it's just not the same as having your own studio space.  My boyfriend Tom has kindly made a space for me in his studio at Tin Roof so that I can work without feeling like I'm making a huge mess.

The University, as a lot of people know has been going through a bit of a face lift recently and has acquired various new skips which is great for me. Due to the fact that I still don't have a lot of room to work in I couldn't pick up big things so instead I salvaged a few gems that were one the floor. I made these very small mixed media pieces, I got the frames from charity shops. It's been fun making them and it has got me in the mood to make more.

I also found some new textures from cooking pans and frying pans. I like the scratches in the metal and the shapes that the fat has left behind and also the different marks and textures from the burnt herbs.

To conclude I have done two graphite drawings, I haven't done any fine drawings for a long time and I wanted to see if I could still do it. I'm rather happy with how how these drawings came out, they were just for a bit of fun.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Job placement at Egan, Matthews & Rose.

A week after I came off from University I had a job placement at Egan, Matthews & Rose which is a restoration and conservation company. The people that run the company have a studio in Edinburgh and also Dundee. My experience there was really enjoyable. I spent two days observing, I also got to repair a tear in a small painting, mix powdered pigments and I also learnt how to restore an old gold gilt frame. During my time there I also got to observe how to repair damaged paintings, most of which were very old Renaissance  paintings. Most of the repair work at Egan, Matthews & Rose are for museum collections and sometimes private collections. I found it fascinating to watch the paintings being restored to their original state, I also learnt that pretty much any piece of ruined or damaged art is fixable. A lot of Chemistry is involved in restoration and conservation. If I do decide to do restoration in the future I would have to spend two to three years in a University at either London, Oxford or Newcastle. There was so much information to take in during my time spent there. It takes so much patience to do this job. I'm still not entirely sure as to what I will do after University yet, but I would seriously consider it. The people there also kindly photographed myself and my friend Allan Davies who is also in my year at University studying fine art who decided to do the same placement as me.

I still haven't had word back about my summer studio yet. however I have been doing a few sketches so I will hopefully be able to upload them soon.