Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sketchy sketch.

"Object of desire"

This is my most current painting. Its based on a project that all 2nd year fine art students were given. This painting is about my frustration and desire to express myself.

This painting is still not complete, there is still alot of work to be done on the face. However, its always good to see a work in progress!

A Photo of my work space at uni. (its not usually this tidy!)

"The drawing project"

For this project we had to listen to sound and draw to it. We got to use different materails, so its not just line drawing with a pen or pencil. I have other little sketches from this project which i will post later.

Final result for the summer project "The unpainted landscape"

love the textures that you can find in an Urban landscape, so i knew right away that i was'nt going to do anything that concerned the country side.

This final painting shows a city landscape without seeying the whole view. It shows you only a wall, the wall makes you feel like you are looking at an urban setting due to the textures, colours and graffiti. I have added myself because i'm part of the landscape and it makes the work more personal. I have made this painting more personal by adding in the things that i see everyday in the city and my feelings towards culture and everyday occurrences. Its not an obvious landscape. There is not a pianting of a landscape, yet you can picture yourself standing in it. The painting allows you to create your own urban landscape.

Just some thoughts and ideas for my summer project ( theses are taken from my sketch book)