Friday, 25 February 2011

Another little update.

Still really enjoying my project, however i feel like i have slowed down on the productive side of things.
Going to get stuck in to work again on Monday though.

Here is a photo of my work space, thought i'd stick it on here because its starting to look insane.

Found a good frame for my bit of slate, painted it and also placed mounting card in to it.

Another textured painting.

Not the best of photos, just a basic street scene mixed with another textured painting that i wasnt too sure about, not sure if its finished but i feel that it works well.

Practice for a Collaboration 

So i have decided to try something new, i've never tryed to work with another artist before on the same piece of work but im really up for giving it a go. I've decided to work with a very talented artist, Calum Brownlee who is also studying fine art in my year. I've decided to start the painting and then he will finnish it. I'm guessing we will pass it back and fourth until we are happy with the result. The pictures below are just a really rough idea, basicly its just angry old men mixed with barking old dogs (very blunt). I want to have a cluster of faces mixed with paint etc.
An update will be put up soon.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Another update to the Urban Footprint project.

Today has been great, minus the horrible weather. Snow and rain at the same time, just what everyone wants on a Monday morning.
Been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. I have also notest that my clothes have got darker, which i like anyway. Gonna have a propper drink on Saturday. Cant wait! Need to get my head in to essay mode tho, my essay mark was so bad last time, i really should sort myself out...

Got another three paintings on the go, i have only photographed one for today tho, not the best quality i have to admit. But i'll put it up anyway. It's based on homeless people. I need to sort the hands out with shading, need to add the tattoos in aswell. It's nearly there but not quite. Just a few changes here and there.
The other two paintings will be of hands too. I have it all planned out.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Just an update.

Urban footprint project has been going well. Really enjoying what i'm doing. Got stuff on my wall now too.

Got my bit of metal framed. 

Still not finnished, well i cant decide if it is yet. 

This was is not finnished. Update on this soon. 

Painting that im working on just now. There is going to be hands coming down on this one and there will be coins and buttons in the hands too. I'm Looking forward to starting.