Monday, 7 February 2011

Another update to the Urban Footprint project.

Today has been great, minus the horrible weather. Snow and rain at the same time, just what everyone wants on a Monday morning.
Been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. I have also notest that my clothes have got darker, which i like anyway. Gonna have a propper drink on Saturday. Cant wait! Need to get my head in to essay mode tho, my essay mark was so bad last time, i really should sort myself out...

Got another three paintings on the go, i have only photographed one for today tho, not the best quality i have to admit. But i'll put it up anyway. It's based on homeless people. I need to sort the hands out with shading, need to add the tattoos in aswell. It's nearly there but not quite. Just a few changes here and there.
The other two paintings will be of hands too. I have it all planned out.

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