Saturday, 5 May 2012

Summer holidays.

It's nice to finally have a break. Although it's a holiday there is still a lot to do over the summer such as, finding a job, moving out my house in to a new home, writing my dissertation and working on my studio work. 
I am still packing my room away at the moment, everything has been super stressful for me and rather emotional. However on a good note this weekend will be the last weekend that I have to spend in my room, thank goodness! I have found the time to create a few small A3 paintings, they aren't anything special but I'm working on my technique of painting like a child but still having a small presence of myself still visible, the paintings are only tests. I have so many ideas for fourth year that I have written down and the list keeps growing. This time I will do everything a step at a time. Here is what I have been doing. 

I plan to try doing a few more of these child portraits soon but with textured and burnt backgrounds.