Friday, 30 March 2012

Setting up.

Third year is nearly over, there are only three weeks left until assessment and I'm now beginning to feel the pressure to finish things. I will be busy touching up pieces of work and hanging them. I have also started a few more pieces, I have been told by my tutor that I have too many things and that I have to choose what to show and what not too, some of the things that I first made at the start of this semester were test pieces so they can sit at the side and be shown as back up works and works of experimentation. 

I finally got round to making a small shelf for my book.

Another new piece of work. It's made from a scrap piece of metal, wood, putty and paper. I'm not too sure about this on at the moment, it doesn't look finished and I'm not that I even like it, I'll leave it aside and come back to it. 

I got round to making the screw covers for my wall hanging, I made them out of  plasticine. 

I made two new pieces of work using cushion foam, paper, felt and Lino. I'm really happy with how they have  turned out too.

I have also built a plinth this week in the workshop for my burnt boxes sculpture. I am planing to have dirt on top of the plinth so that the boxed look more like they have been found. I was also contemplating on planting grass seeds and leaving fag butts and glass etc on it too. I'm still not happy with it just now, I'm not sure how to have the boxes positioned but I think I will feel better about it once the dirt has been added.

Here are another set of new things that I have created this week, they still aren't finished yet.

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