Thursday, 20 January 2011

Urban Footprint

Today has been really productive for me. I found the perfect location for my landscape which will be included in the "The look outs" painting. I got lots of pictures for the painting and also some for other research for when it comes to painting rust ect.
On my travels i also found a lovely piece of discarded steel which has been nicely welded on and a really nice shard of slate, i also picked up some large posters that were on the ground. There was a person behind me when i picked up the bit of steel and they must of thought that there was something clearly wrong with me! It was worth the embarressment!

I think this part of the steel looks like rotten old teeth.

I'm so pleased with my finds today. I want to box frame these agaisnt a black background. I will have this done by next week, however the slate is very fragile so i might have to frame it inside some sort of glass frame and coat the slate with a fixative.

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