Thursday, 20 January 2011

Urban Footprint

Second year has proven to be both exciting and also chanllenging, the tutors have told everyone to write their own brief so i have called my project "Urban footprint"
Basicly i am looking in to urban decay and grime, i want to include figure work and portraits and hopefully i'll be able to depict emotion and atmosphere through my paintings.

This is going to be my longest given project this year (12 weeks) so plenty of time to do some serious work. The first week has just past and i am already busy creating. I have started a sketch book during the winter holidays and have conjured up alot of ideas and will continue to do so through out the project.

I have been working on this painting since Monday and i am already happy with it so far, i have struggled with the figure on the left but it is still being worked on.
 The painting is called "The look outs". Its based on the idea of gangs and also youth, going to places that you shouldnt be just to get that rush of excitment and adrenalin. I am going to paint a graffitied wall behind the two people and i'll also use alot of mixed media for this. On the very right of the painting there will be a very dark landscape of a factory yard with old oil tanks and gates to show that its strictly off limits. I was out today taking pictures of this location.

This is a photo of how the painting looks so far, ill keep posting it to see the progression.


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