Friday, 20 April 2012

Box sculpture is finally done.

The three textured pieces have been hung now.

Supporting work for the assessment

My partner kindly made me this great print holder too.

Its good to see my slide box sculpture finally being displayed properly

I thought I'd finish this post by sharing my personal statement that I wrote for this semesters body of work.

Yasmin Davidson
3rd year Fine Art

Personal statement

Our perspective changes as we grow into adults, as children we look at everything through innocent eyes.
I remember I was always attracted to areas of danger; I enjoyed playing in decaying buildings, abandoned houses and factories. Me and my friends despite the risk would treat these buildings as playgrounds. We would make little boxes with objects in them and hide them for others to find or draw on the walls leaving trails and invented stories. I recall even the most mundane of objects having the potential to transform itself into something new something exciting. Here we could create our own worlds, ones that no one else could ever see or understand. To me this was a kind of freedom.

The attraction of these decaying environments and the thrill of possibly getting caught, still drives me to visit these places today discovering them anew. For me they hold a certain and unique kind of beauty.
In my work I hope to amplify these childhood memories through expressive, naïve and innocent gestures.
The physical materials I use to convey these places and emotions are often sourced directly from the spaces themselves and In doing so I want the viewer to feel the same excitement and urgency that I experienced in these places myself as a child.

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